Which music goes well with a fashion show?

Music for the Fashion Night fashion showIt’s hot on the catwalk. Models present current collections with a fresh look into the future. The right gait, the right posture and the right expression are essential to emphasize what is special about new fashion trends. The soundtrack of such an event is rarely paid attention to. Music plays an important role in this, because it can sometimes provide decisive impulses for the success and failure of a fashion show. Which music goes well with a fashion show – this question keeps coming back to us. Time to answer that once and for all.

Music for your fashion show can be expensive

It is often overlooked that music can sometimes be an expensive commodity. Anyone who performs music in public, whether live or canned, has to pay taxes to the rights holder. In Austria this is managed by AKM austro mechana, in Germany GEMA is responsible for such questions. In any case, inquire in advance at the responsible office. Under www.akm.at you will find a complete overview of the relevant contact persons in all Austrian federal states and districts www.gema.de the central customer center can help.

By the way: Music taxes are always to be paid if you rely on appropriately licensed music, regardless of whether it comes from canned goods or from a live band.

It can also be cheaper!

Free music for your fashion show sounds like a dream, and in fact, doing it on Google searches produces lots of great results. Some artists forego royalty and offer their compositions either completely free of charge or for a small package sale for multiple use. With such offers on the Internet, however, it is always important to read the small print in order to avoid hidden costs. Corresponding documents that authorize the performance of music are essential. You should of course have these ready at the fashion show itself in case there is an inspection. If you are unsure about corresponding license-free offers, in case of doubt, please contact the national rights administrator (AKM or GEMA).

This is important when choosing music

Music at the Brandboxx Fashion NightPowerful disco beats and roaring synthesizers from established world stars roar out of the speakers in Paris, New York and Milan. In 2013, Rick Owens had the Estonian avant-garde punks Winny Puhh pulled to the ceiling and spun on the devil’s wheel. These are of course two extreme approaches that do not answer the crucial question: Which music actually fits? We asked our in-house expert Katharina Krassnitzer:

â € œMusic is an important part of a fashion show, it can determine how the mood in the audience develops. That is why we pay particular attention to choosing a good mix between current hits and classics, between slower songs and songs with fast beats. Of course, the rhythm of the respective songs must be chosen so that the models can run to it.â €

Would you like support with the organization of your Brandboxx fashion show or would you like to get a (musical) picture of our events as a trade visitor? We are happy to take yours inquiry opposite.

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