The color of the year 2017: Greenery

What color will fashion, accessories and shoes as well as deco and design line in 2017? The US color experts from Pantone present their colorful trends year after year and thus set the course. 2016 it was the cool blue Pantone Serenity and the warm rose tone Rose Quartz, now it shines fresh and spring-like. The color of the year 2017: Greenery.

Yellow-green herald of spring

Pantone Greenery

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Greenery as the color of the year is the idea of capturing mood and mood around the world in one tone and describes the urge to withdraw into nature. PANTONE 15-0343, the color code for Greenery, is a fresh, inspiring yellow-green, which for the color institute captures the atmosphere of the first days of spring, when nature awakens and begins to turn green. It is a symbol of flourishing beauty, lush meadows, fresh air and physical beauty. Greenery, one of currently 1,867 Pantone special colors, also serves as a symbol for the US company for the desire of people to break out of the gray, urban everyday life and indulge in the magnificent beauty of nature.

One color for certain types

Pantone’s sympathetic yellow-green has already graced the outfits of the British Queen Elizabeth II and is also a symbol of the green lifestyle, which has long since replaced the somewhat old-fashioned eco-image. But watch out, Greenery should be treated with caution. Style experts suggest rosier skin types to opt for more bluish tones, such as turquoise and petrol tones, to appear brighter and fresher. The yellowish color of the year is more suitable for golden skin types.

The Pantone Fashion Color Report

Color of the year Pantone Greenery

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Greenery may have been named the color of the year, but it is far from the only hue that will determine the coming spring of 2017. In the annual Fashion Color Report, Pantone presents the notes and tones that dominated the big fashion weeks and will soon also be found in boutiques and shops around the world. From the summery warm Primrose Yellow (13-0755) to the bright, clear sea blue Island Paradise (14-4620) and the luminous Flame (17-1462) to the bitter, mountainous green tone Kale (18-0107), Pantone covers the entire spectrum of the From spring. On You can expect an overview of all ten colors with precise descriptions in English.

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