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Boxx B1: event location in Salzburg

EVENT RENTAL Location in Salzburg

6,500 m² OF Brandboxx area

With its 6,500 m², Brandboxx Salzburg is one of the largest event rental locations in Salzburg. Whether for art, culture, concerts or commerce, this venue offers the appropriate setting on different levels for events of anywhere between 50 and 3,000 visitors. Seven multifunctional rooms with moveable walls can be separated or joined, air-conditioned, dimmed or lit to your desire.


What the Event Location in Salzburg Offers

Even large-scale presentations, e.g. of automobiles, can be brough surprisingly high up with our ground-floor-accessible freight elevators. Brandboxx offers 1,100 on-site company-owned parking spaces for vehicles. In addition, operators can always rely on full catering equipment, modern technology and the rich stock of stage parts and rigging systems to fulfill all of their wishes and requirements for their events in Salzburg.


Just like you can rely on the friendly full service of our experienced Brandboxx team.


That's why you should rent THE EVENT LOCATION in Salzburg

Whether you need the entire event area or just part of it, our team will help you for everything and provide means of support with technical solutions for all of your needs or just to fill the gaps. These solutions have already shone the right light on a broad variety of events in Salzburg.


Please request your event rental location in Salzburg in time, because the schedule tends to fill up quickly at certain times, such as before Christmas. Best contact us today!

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