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There are 1.100 parking spaces available on our premises.


P2 + P3 + P4: these parking areas are reserved for our tenants and are located directly at the company premises

P5: free customer parking

P1: paid customer parking



Electro mobility is limitless!
There are 4 charging stations available at the Brandboxx Salzburg (2 at the outdoor area, 2 at the in-house underground parking)



















Delivery of goods is only permitted during opening hours or by prior arrangement with Brandboxx Salzburg.
Agreement must be reached on the time and manner of delivery as well as on the storage. When placing the goods, the official regulations must be noted. The dismantling in general and the removal of the introduced objects must be carried out professionally.
The porter's instructions must be followed.


Time for delivery and dismantling

Monday - Thursday       08.00 a.m.  – 16.00 p.m.

Friday                           08.00 a.m.  -  12.00 p.m

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