These are the autumn trend bags 2019

4. October 2021
Trend bags 2019

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With the lovely play of colors of the arriving autumn season, fashion is also changing. New styles dominate the fashion world, adapted to weather and circumstances, among other things. Of course, the right accessories should not be missing, and that applies above all to the right bag. It is a constant companion in all situations and completes an outfit with unmistakable charm. The autumn trend bags 2019 could hardly be more different. Here are a few favorites.

Small bags and unusual places

Micro bags

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The must-have bags for 2019 don’t necessarily have to be huge and expansive. Even practical use is not a mandatory criterion. Micro-bags are currently the thing of the hour. Often there is not even room for a lipstick, these models are so miniature. With their handles, ribbons, chains or hanging devices, they act as little style accents. If it can be a bit bigger, the bag can also be worn around the stomach or on the belt. The hype about the bum bag continues, and now well-known houses are jumping on the bandwagon. Dior, Chanel and Zimmermann love these statement models, which were able to establish themselves as trend bags in 2019.

Comfort in many forms

When the days get shorter and the temperatures lower, something cuddly is required. The pocket fashion in autumn 2019 takes this demand into account and focuses on comfort in the most varied of varieties. Cozy fur – especially lamb, fake fur and textures – bring a little fluff into play. The plush teddy bags already provide a foretaste of the cold season and wish you a winter coat. Bright and muted tones also show that there will be no one, only trend color for bags in 2019, variety and individuality dominate. But there is a lot of padding, because the quilted pockets are perfect companions for the still popular XL down jackets. The airy pillows are light as a feather and as soft as butter, and in some designs they are even very iconic of crumpled furniture.

The fancy trend bags 2019

Handbag trends 2019

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Speaking of iconic: the bag trends for autumn 2019 are blooming some strange things. While exotic looks in crocodile and snake (of course only as a print) appear comparatively conventional, some weird ideas are finding their way. Would you like an undercover bag? Slot machines and caps serve as handbags and create light, self-deprecating looks. If that’s too fancy, here is another variant: Opulent, evening-suitable bags with sequins and stress glitter for what it takes. A crossover to the popular large pouch bag could be quite exciting. In comparison, the hip bag set – large bowling bag to which a smaller bag is attached – looks downright good.

The autumn trend bags 2019 are by no means at a loss for weird ideas. By the way, you can find out what’s hot in the next season and the one after that on the Brandboxx trade fairs . For example, the Shoes & Bags Salzburg at the 22. and September 23, 2019 exciting visions of the future. The exhibition team takes your inquiry happy to meet you.

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