The right dress code for a winter wedding

4. October 2021
Dress code for a winter wedding

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The next wedding will be cold – what to wear is probably the first question. A winter wedding presents the cloakroom with special challenges. Significantly frostier weather conditions, especially when it comes to fresh air or the ceremony even takes place outdoors, make the lips tremble and the knees tremble with the standard dress. And yet the unique, romantic mood in the cold season – ideally covered in deep snow and atmospherically illuminated – can hardly be put into appropriate words because of its dreamy beauty. The right dress code for the winter wedding has to be found, and it is actually not that different from a regular summer wedding.

Pullover? No thanks!

Now it gets exciting, because ideally you want – of course! – to look elegant, but also not to freeze. Sweaters and jeans are therefore a big no-go. Sure, they donate valuable warmth, especially when it comes to the snow for a photo shoot, but there’s precious little to be seen of elegance. In addition, the outfit should stand out from the landscape. White or cream have no place as a guest in a dress for a winter wedding; only the bride should and may shine in competition with the snow. Thus, inventiveness is required, especially if neither dress code nor color scheme is given.

Dress warmly – but how?

Now it’s time to get down to business. Whether outdoors or in church, warm temperatures are not to be expected, and this is also reflected in the dress code for the winter wedding. Especially for the less photogenic moments – for example sitting in church – thick tights, gloves and scarves are recommended. The shoes also want to be adapted to the ambience. A second pair of shoes should definitely be brought with you in order to adapt the outfit to elegant moments as well as to the pleasant indoor location afterwards. A coat should of course not be missing. In short: the two-outfit solution prevents unwanted shivering and still provides the necessary elegance on the most important day in the life of the bride and groom.

With the ideal mix of smart and stylish, a second outfit for frosty moments, suitable materials and a jacket to throw on, the dress code for the winter wedding is perfect. There are stylish tips for every occasion on the Trade Shows to see the Brandboxx Salzburg. The exhibition team takes your Accreditation request happy to meet you.

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