The hottest ski fashion trends of 2016

4. October 2021

The current ski season is already in full swing. Even if winter got off to a hesitant start in the valley, the mountains have long been busy, and mostly until after Easter. In addition to the right ski equipment, the right clothing is also important. It should be functional, protect against moisture and cold, and still look good. Here are the hottest ski fashion trends of 2016!

70s style with modern comfort

ÖSFA Winter in the Brandboxx SalzburgPerhaps you already noticed it on your last descent: The ski clothing looks a bit more body-hugging, and its cut and color are reminiscent of days long gone. Ski fashion 2016 is based on the style of the 70s. Anoraks look like anoraks again, typical colors – blue, white and red, ideally combined with one another – are celebrating a powerful revival. However, the advantages of the present were by no means forgotten: breathable, light and comfortable fabrics made of stretch materials combine modern comfort with maximum freedom of movement, even with the greatest sporting challenges. The new Eisbär ski sweaters are also characterized by their retro chic – the 1976 Olympia edition served as a source of inspiration – combined with modern knowledge.

Loud and beastly

Ski clothing at the ÖSFA WinterStill popular: neon colors, as loud and screaming as possible. The ski fashion trends 2016 convey bright, powerful energy. Eye-catching prints are just as popular, for example jackets with eye-catching animal motifs. Incidentally, printed wild animals do not stop at trousers. If you can’t do anything with it, you might be happy about the comeback of the overalls, which is currently celebrating a small revival. You wear fur hats and yellow ski goggles over them. For fun après-ski fun, you are best advised to go for the casual look.

You can see the best sports and ski fashion trends of 2016 and 2017 from 23-25. February 2016 at the 103. ÖSFA winter in the Brandboxx Salzburg. Trade buyers are already discovering what will be worn on the slopes next. Your Apply for a customer card Best of all today!

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