About the Brandboxx Salzburg

History and hard facts

As the largest fashion wholesale center in Austria and the only national shoe order center, Brandboxx embodies Austria’s fashion and lifestyle industry. The trade fair organizer can look back on a long, illustrious history.

Brandboxx Salzburg then and now


Foundation of the MGC textile and fashion wholesale center Salzburg by KR Leopold Böhm as a cash & carry center (13,000 m² area, 6,600 of which are rented, 52 tenants)


• Decline in lettings to 16 tenants and 2,000 m² of space
• Takeover of MGC from WD Kepplinger as troubleshooter
• Reorientation as a new presentation platform (order center, location center, exhibition center)
• Strengthening of the market presence through bundling of industries
• Showrooms: women’s, men’s, children’s fashion, accessories, sporting goods, sports fashion, lifestyle
• Exhibition area: footwear and leather goods, fabrics, children’s items


New building octagon 1st floor + ground floor in s & f (2,000 m²)


Increase in the exhibition space on the 3rd floor (3,000 m²)


Extension B2 (5,000 m²)


once again expansion of the exhibition area (2,000 m²)


• New building MEC (today’s Events & Exhibition Center) as an exhibition center (7,294 m²)
• Dismantling of the MGC showrooms into showrooms
• Expansion of the exhibition portfolio
• fully booked MGC (19,000 m²)


• New hall B ground floor + B 1st floor + B gallery (2,667 m²)
• MEC becomes a trade fair and event center
• Expansion to include the events, balls, seminars, congresses, company presentations and public fairs division


MGC / MEC gets a new look (front facade entrance hall, wings as optical connection)


Re-adaptation of Hall C + Hall D


• To you. Kepplinger leaves the company after 25 years of successful management
• Takeover of MGC / MEC by TCN and renaming to Brandboxx Salzburg
• MGC becomes Sports & Fashion Center, MEC becomes Events & Exhibition Center under Dutch management


Markus Oberhamberger is the new managing director of Brandboxx Salzburg


Start of an extensive renovation program in the technical as well as in the optical area:

• Replacement of all boilers
• Renewal of the underground car park
• Exchange of air conditioning in the SOC
• technical adaptation of the lifts
• Fire protection measures
• Partial renovation of the roof and lightning protection systems
• New asphalting of the outside areas
• Renewal of the external facade and the windows


Top brand portfolio in the fully occupied s & f and soc (225 tenants, 25,000 m² rented space)

facts and figures

  • 25,000 m² of rented space
  • 225 tenants from the fashion – traditional costumes – sports – shoes sectors
  • 600 brands
  • 20 own exhibitions per year
  • 6,500 m² event space
  • 5 multifunctional halls
  • 1,000 parking spaces on the company premises (including 120 underground parking spaces)
  • Restaurant & in-house catering
  • In-house technical and stand construction team
  • direct motorway connection
  • Free WiFi


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