The best fashion trends of spring / summer 2018

4. October 2021
Summer fashion for women 2018


What a long and sometimes freezing winter it was. Skiers and snowboarders got their money’s worth, but meanwhile they too have been drawn back into the valley to make real fashion statements together with the rest of the population. The fashion trends for spring / summer 2018 show their colorful side. Whether sporty and casual, festive and in the evening or suitable for the beach and swimming pool – from the jungle style to decorative and experimental outgrowths, a really hot season is guaranteed.

Fashion in spring / summer 2018: Jungle in the Boxx

From July 30th to August 1st, 2017, the Brandboxx trade fair had Fashion Premiere under the motto “Jungle in the Boxx” already a first look at the season that is now beginning. What was shown at the big labels and on the fashion night catwalk can now finally be found in stores.

But what should one understand by this fashionable jungle theme? Lots of color and intense tones are a good start – perfect to banish the gray winter from the wardrobe for good. The fashion trends in spring / summer 2018 are imaginative and decorative and take the fascination of the rainforest with them. Colorful plants and exotic animals cavort as prints on the playful highlights, reinterpreted accordingly through digital alienation. Green nuances meet red and orange tones as well as neutral opposing poles in purple and blue. Clever applications and diverse materials round off one of the most exciting trends of the season.

More highlights for you

Women's summer fashion 2018

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In addition to the decorative jungle excursion, there is a clear trend towards natural and experimental style, especially in women’s fashion spring / summer 2018. Skin-tight cycling shorts make the leap from the tour to the boutiques. Combined with blazers or lace, they know how to polarize. Significantly more conventional: stripes that are one of the big seasons of the season, especially because of their lengthways appearance. Those who like things a little more unusual can devote themselves to elaborately draped trench coats, transparent naked dress stylings or the equally extravagant and easy-care tendency towards plastic and vinyl.

And what is he wearing?

Paradisiacal style with jungle undertones should of course not be missing in the men’s fashion spring / summer 2018, accompanied by statement pieces. Comic and cartoon motifs, Caribbean undertones and rainbow stripes come together in wild combinations, accompanied by a real evergreen: the Hawaiian shirt. At the same time, there is an increased tendency towards naturalness, which was influenced by work and camping clothing. Non-slip materials emphasize the functionality factor, accompanied by natural, floral motifs and earth tones. If you like it a little more casual, you can dedicate yourself to Swinging Silence. Width and length with fine patterns and minimalist graphics support this calm, pleasantly unobtrusive look.

The spring / summer 2018 fashion trends are setting new highlights, and a look into the future will soon follow. From July 29 to 31, 2018, trade visitors will see the Fashion premiere what the fashionable year 2019 will bring. We can already reveal this much: It will be spectacular!

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