Terms of Service

Brandboxx Salzburg GmbH

1. Registration

Registration is a binding and irrevocable offer for the exhibitor. Additions and changes to the registration form and the terms and conditions are ineffective. By submitting the registration, the exhibitor accepts the full content of the General Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions apply mutatis mutandis to all other services and additional orders such as assembly and dismantling of the exhibition stand, rental of exhibition equipment, provision of electricity, water and other facilities.

2. Allocation of places

Upon receipt (post, fax, e-mail, etc.) of the registration by the organizer, the exhibitor is obliged to participate in the trade fair or event. The organizer is not obliged to accept the offer. A registration is taken into account in accordance with the available exhibition space. Submitting the registration form does not guarantee that an exhibition space will be allocated. The exhibition space is allocated solely by the organizer and according to a product group structure. The admission and thus the acceptance of the offer takes place by sending a written stand confirmation. The organizer can therefore only take into account the space requirements (showroom / exhibition space in the hall) to a limited extent.

3. Stand rental

The rental prices listed on the registration form apply for the duration of the event. Every started square meter will be charged in full. All rental prices are exclusive of VAT and other fees.

4. Cancellation of registration

  • If the registration is canceled, the exhibitor has to pay the following cancellation fees to the organizer: Up to the official registration deadline (see front page) 40% of the agreed stand rental, after the official registration deadline 100% of the agreed stand rental plus a flat-rate organization fee, taxes, levies and other ancillary costs. The cancellation fee is to be paid as a lump sum compensation regardless of fault, whereby the exhibitor waives a reduction in the claim for compensation, in particular the judicial right of moderation for whatever reasons, including for the benefit of equalization. The exhibitor acknowledges that the cancellation fees must also be paid if the organizer succeeds in renting or selling the stand to a third party. The assertion of compensation that goes beyond the agreed cancellation fees remains unaffected.
  • The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event for serious reasons, to shorten the time or, if official orders or other compelling circumstances determine it, to relocate or limit the area made available. This gives the exhibitor no right to withdraw from the contract. For the reasons mentioned above, the exhibitor cannot make any claims for damages against the organizer.
  • If the organizer does not carry out the trade fair project for organizational reasons, this will be announced 8 weeks before the start of the trade fair and the exhibitor’s registration will be canceled free of charge. In this case, the exhibitor (despite the confirmation of participation or stand being sent) cannot claim any costs or damages from the organizer.
  • If the event cannot be held due to force majeure, a strike or political events, claims for damages by the exhibitor against the organizer of whatever kind are excluded. The organizer must notify the exhibitor immediately if the trade fair is not held.

5. Terms of payment and invoicing

The rental invoice incl. the flat rate for operating costs and organization is due no later than 5 weeks before the start of the event without any deductions. Invoices issued after this date are due immediately. The timely payment of the invoice is a prerequisite for the handover of the allocated stand. If the invoice amount has not been received by the organizer by the due date, the organizer is free to freely dispose of the allocated stand without further notice. In this case, point 4 of the General Terms and Conditions applies. The exhibitor is not entitled to withhold payment of due invoices due to counterclaims of any kind, to refuse payment or to offset against it. All services are charged with 20% VAT.

Of the total costs incl. VAT will be charged 1% contract fee. If the payment is not made on time, we are forced to invoice the current interest as well as any legal assistance costs (legal fees) that may arise. The rental and operating costs include the duration of the exhibition and the days of arrival and departure announced by the organizer. If the invoice is not to be sent to the exhibitor / contractual partner, but to another company (supplier – producer), the exhibitor / contractual partner remains liable if the invoice amount cannot be collected. If the invoice is changed at the exhibitor’s request, the statutory Contract fee of 1% of the total amount + VAT will be charged again.

6. Revocation of the allocation of seats

The organizer is entitled to revoke the space allocation if:

  • The exhibitor does not meet his payment obligations on time,
  • In the meantime, insolvency proceedings, out-of-court settlement proceedings or liquidation take place or are imminent against the exhibitor,
  • There are outstanding claims from previous trade fairs, or
  • The exhibits do not or no longer correspond to the trade fair theme. In these cases, point 4 applies accordingly, even if only one of the above points is present.

7. Equipment of the exhibition rooms or exhibition areas

Showrooms / furnishing

  • 2 tables, 8 chairs, clothes rails and / or compartments as required. The keys for your rented showroom will be handed over at the information desk in the house against a deposit of EUR 40.00 and against presentation of photo ID.

Exhibition halls / equipment

  • up to 30 m2: 1 table, 4 chairs, clothes rails and / or compartments as required.
  • up to 50 m2: 2 tables, 8 chairs, clothes rails and / or compartments as required.
  • The official stand height is 2 m for trade fairs (2.5 m for public fairs). Any structures or advertising media that protrude beyond this may only be installed with the prior written consent of the organizer. All exhibition stands and showrooms are equipped with adequate general lighting. Further additional lighting installed by the exhibitor himself or via an electrical company must be announced to the organizer in good time before the event and the installation must be approved by a licensed electrical company of the organizer (review of the available connection values). This work will be billed to the exhibitor separately. The additional power consumption resulting from the additional lighting as well as any necessary installation of a meter will be billed to the exhibitor. The furnishings as well as exhibition and showroom floors, walls, window and showroom window glasses will be handed over in a clean condition upon purchase. If soiling or damage is discovered when the stand or the showroom is returned, the cost of repair or cleaning will be charged to the exhibitor. (Please pay particular attention to the fact that attached advertising adhesives are removed without leaving any residue and without damaging the paintwork.) The affixing of advertising (posters, banners, etc.) outside the stand is only permitted with the written approval of the organizer and is subject to a charge. When ordering rental furniture 7 days or more before the start of the trade fair, there is a surcharge of 25

8. Construction, dismantling and design of the stands

Equipment or stand structures brought into the exhibition space by the exhibitor must comply with the general safety and fire regulations applicable in Austria. (E.g. the stability of the stands, safety of suspended elements, textile materials and decorative elements must be of B1 & Q1 quality, etc.) Corridors and common areas must be kept clear; ie no components may protrude into the aisles and no exhibits may be set up in the aisles. If the stand is built by the organizer, nailing, drilling and gluing is prohibited on PVC-coated walls. Damage will be invoiced at the new price. The painted walls may be wallpapered, provided that the wallpaper is to be removed by the exhibitor immediately after the event. If the wallpaper is not removed, this work will be carried out by the organizer and the exhibitor will be billed. In the event of damage, the new price will be charged.

The assembly and dismantling times according to the exhibitor information must be strictly adhered to. If the rented space is unoccupied on the day of construction or if there is no notification of a later arrival, the organizer reserves the right to dispose of the space elsewhere from this point in time without further notification, although the entire stand rental must be paid. The construction work must be completed by the time announced by the organizer. Exceeding the set-up / dismantling time is excluded. In the event that the set-up / dismantling time is exceeded, claims for damages of whatever kind are excluded.

If the dismantling time is exceeded, the organizer is entitled to have the stand structures cleared and stored at the expense and risk of the exhibitor. After dismantling, the original condition must be restored. The exhibitor must compensate the organizer for any damage caused by improper handling.

9. Exhibition times

The exhibitor undertakes to move into the showroom or stand no later than 2 hours before the start of the trade fair and to keep it occupied for the entire duration of the exhibition – especially on the last day of the trade fair – until the trade fair closes at 5 p.m. or according to the opening times of the respective trade fair . In the event of non-compliance, the organizer will charge a contractual penalty of EUR 1,000.

10. Liability and compensation / trade fair insurance

Lt. Insurance Act, all objects that are not permanently connected to the building (such as exhibition goods and stand equipment brought in and left behind by the exhibitor) are not insured against fire or water damage caused by whomever, nor against theft and damage by the organizer. The organizer assumes no liability whatsoever in the event of loss or damage to exhibits and stand equipment brought in or left behind by the exhibitor. The organizer is not obliged to take out any insurance. The stand rental does not include insurance for the items brought into the stand, the stand and all other exhibition equipment.

If insurance is taken out with the organizer or an insurance company, the terms and conditions made separately in writing when the insurance was taken out apply. It is advisable to take advantage of the special conditions of an insurance policy agreed with the insurance company – in order to exclude any risks. The organizer assumes no liability for the vehicles parked on the exhibition grounds by exhibitors, their employees or agents. For their part, the exhibitors are liable for any damage caused to persons or things by them, their employees, their agents or their exhibition objects and facilities. The organizer is to be held harmless.

During the construction and dismantling period, every exhibitor has an increased duty of care for the safety of his goods. Valuable and easily movable exhibition objects must be removed from the exhibition stand outside of the exhibition opening times (especially at night) and stored by the exhibitor at his own risk. The organizer does not receive certain shipments for the exhibitor and is not liable for any losses, incorrect or delayed delivery. The exhibition forwarding agent stores exhibition and packaging goods at the expense and risk of the exhibitor. It is forbidden to spend the night in the halls and in the outdoor area. The organizer is not liable for financial, health or other damage of any kind whatsoever that may arise in connection with the preparation, implementation or handling of an exhibition for the exhibitor himself, his employees or third parties for whatever reason.

The organizer is not liable for lost profits. This exclusion of liability does not apply to damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence by the organizer or his authorized representatives. It is up to the injured party to prove these conditions. Any claims by the exhibitor must be reported to the organizer immediately in writing, otherwise they are deemed forfeited. No liability is accepted for incorrect advertisements or entries in the official trade fair catalog and / or other trade fair printed matter (printing errors, formal errors, incorrect classification, non-inclusion, etc.)

11. Advertising of the exhibitor at the event location

Banners, company signs, advertising and other advertising material may not be attached or distributed outside the exhibition stand, may not protrude into the aisles and may not exceed a height of 200 cm for trade fairs and 250 cm for public fairs. The affixing of billboards, posters or other advertising material or the distribution of advertising material outside the stand, especially in the parking lots, is only permitted after a separate agreement with the organizer is charged separately. In the event of unfair competition against other exhibitors, the organizer is entitled to close the stand immediately, in which case a reduction in stand rent and other costs is excluded. There are only a few spaces designated for this, the allocation takes place after the date of receipt of the inquiries. Required additional equipment and decoration at your own expense!

12th Special events

Special events, image and sound presentations, etc. on the exhibition grounds may only be carried out with the written consent of the organizer. Approved special events or demonstrations must be carried out in such a way that no nuisance is caused by noise, dust, exhaust gases, etc. or the other course of the exhibition is impaired. Noise development above 40 dBA, measured at the space limit, is prohibited. If this rule is violated, the organizer can close the site. Any kind of open fire is strictly prohibited. The approval for exceptions regarding this exhibition point, e.g. B. Scented candles at the stand must be requested in writing from the organizer in advance.

The granting of a permit depends on the respective fire protection assessment, for which the costs are to be borne by the applicant. In addition, the installation of an officially checked fire extinguisher is mandatory. If a fire alarm system is triggered in the event of an infringement, the person responsible for the incident will bear the costs of the operation. In the case of vehicles or engines that contain flammable operating fluids and / or oils, the tank must be emptied and the battery must be locked. Registrations at AKM must be carried out by the respective companies themselves.

1 3 . Filming and photography

The organizer is granted the right to take photos and film in the area and to use the recorded material for private or general publications. In this context, the exhibitor waives all copyright objections. The exhibitor is not permitted to make films, photographs, drawings or other images of exhibition stands and exhibited goods, with the exception of their own, or to have them made.

14. Cleaning

The organizer takes care of the cleaning of the area and the corridors in the halls. The exhibitors are responsible for cleaning the stands. At the exhibitor’s request and at the expense of the exhibitor, cleaning institutes approved by the organizer will clean the stand. Packaging material and waste that the exhibitor throws in the aisle or on its side will be removed at the exhibitor’s expense. The disposal of hazardous waste must be arranged by the exhibitor himself.

1 5 . General hall security

During the trade fairs (including assembly and dismantling times) the organizer will provide general hall surveillance (external surveillance of the exhibition halls, surveillance of the exhibition entrances and periodic security personnel going through the halls). The exhibitors have no legal right to separate stand security. Stand security must be commissioned separately and will be charged additionally. If the exhibitor has his stand guarded by third party security companies during and outside the opening times, the exhibitor must notify the organizer of the security in writing.

16 . Violation of terms and conditions, violation of the law

The general terms and conditions and the relevant statutory provisions must be strictly observed. All fire protection and event regulations must also be complied with. Failure to comply with and / or violations of the trade fair conditions, contractual agreements and violation of legal provisions entitle the organizer to close the assigned stand immediately at the exhibitor’s expense and to clear it without legal proceedings. The orders and instructions of the organizer and his agents must be followed by the exhibitor, his staff and agents. This also applies in particular to the parking lot belonging to the exhibition grounds.

17. Data protection

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, the exhibitor gives his express consent that the personal data made known to the organizer can be processed and published automatically by the exhibitor. According to the Telecommunications Act, the exhibitor agrees – against revocation at any time – to be informed by Brandboxx Salzburg GmbH about trade fair events of this company by email in the future.

18. Written form, common law

Changes, additions and deletions in this contract as well as verbal side agreements are only legally effective if they are confirmed in writing by the organizer. Oral side agreements are ineffective. The exhibitor cannot derive any rights from previous events or contracts.

19. General provisions, place of jurisdiction and place of performance

Austrian law applies exclusively. The place of jurisdiction and performance for both parts is Salzburg. Invalidity of individual provisions of the general terms and conditions does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. These business and exhibition terms and conditions also apply to all other agreements made between the exhibitor and the organizer as part of participation in the exhibition. Messages can be sent to the address last announced by the exhibitor with legal effect.

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