“No Limits”: fashion and shoe trends 2016

4. October 2021

Preparations for the 2016 trade fair season are currently in full swing. You will soon find out at a similar point what is happening in the Brandboxx Salzburg in the first half of the new year. We can already introduce you to the trends represented there, which run under the motto “No Limits” and are futuristically inspired. Find out today the fashion and shoe trends of 2016 and get an initial overview of what will be worn in autumn and winter 2016/2017.

No limits for winter fashion 2016/17Fashion trends 2016: the tried and tested reinterpreted

As almost every year, the fall-winter 2016/17 will also see reviving retro and vintage trends. However, winter fashion 2016 will be reinterpreted and freshly interpreted, “Future Fashion” is the leitmotif. High-tech materials from functional sports clothing are integrated into everyday fashion. Shoe fashion also benefits from these findings. “No-Limits” also means 3D effects and style combinations with visionary materials.

No limits for fashion 2016/17New trend colors and innovative style

Unlimited creativity – or “No Limits” – is also evident in bold color combinations. The transition from summer to winter is created by calm, restrained and light colors that meet gray and natural colors. Exposed trouser shapes, skirts and high-quality materials give the classic style a new coat of paint. The hippie look is also saved for the winter and expanded with fantasy imprints and high-tech qualities. Across the year, new trend colors can already be predicted as a fashion trend for 2017: On the one hand, the ethnic trend is adding rust brown and various shades of Bordeaux. In addition, intense colors and neon variations knock on the door, which, in combination with fur, laser cuts and mesh optics, will set visual accents.

No limits for shoe fashion 2016/17

What will shoe fashion bring in 2016?

It also becomes futuristic on the foot. New hybrid or mixed forms will determine what happens. The plan includes new closure variants, such as the wing shape, or LED lights on sneakers for luminous highlights. Colored, curved bottoms as well as seams, platform heels and lacing are retained. Winter 2016 is also showing its clean side: pure black, alternatively with a white sole.

We will present these and many other trends to you in the first half of 2016 at our fashion, sports, children’s and shoe fairs under the motto “No Limits”. Would you like to find out more about the trends for 2016/2017 or are you interested in the upcoming trade fairs? Write Us, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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