Current fashion and costume fairs in Salzburg

Must-do fashion dates in the Brandboxx

At the trade fairs in the Brandboxx Salzburg, visitors can already see today what will be popular tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. This applies in particular to the fashion dates, which are among the cornerstones of the Austrian trade fair world. Our fashion and traditional costume fairs in Salzburg underline the importance of the Brandboxx as the fashion center of the state. Various exhibitors and permanent tenants from the Sports & Fashion Center will present upcoming highlights.

The most important dates at a glance

The following traditional costume and fashion fairs in Salzburg are central components of the Brandboxx calendar of events:

  • HOT 1 – TRADITIONAL & FASHION Order Start: Traditional costume and fashion manufacturers show their upcoming highlights at the opening event for the ordering season.
  • Lingerie & Swimwear Salon: The combination of laundry and water is dedicated to underwear, nightwear, functional underwear and swimwear.
  • Fashion premiere: Austria’s largest fashion fair welcomes visitors twice a year for a comprehensive look at the season after next.
  • TRADITIONAL COSTUME Order Days: The new Salzburg Trachten Fair shows current highlights in the field of traditional costumes and country houses on two dates a year.

We are already looking forward to welcoming you to the next fashion and traditional costume fairs in Salzburg. Click below on the trade fair of your choice for more information or contact the Brandboxx team directly .


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