Making of: an event from start to finish, part 2

4. October 2021

Many working hours pass from the first idea to the start of an event. Ideas have to be bundled and checked for feasibility, orders and arrangements have to be made, and set-ups carried out. In the second and last part you will learn how the Brandboxx Salzburg team organizes an event from paper to the stage brings. Specifically, it is about the final steps of a combined lecture with product presentations and a gala dinner.

the last deliveries arrive8) Last delivery

The final preparations begin. The last deliveries for the event have just arrived on one of the numerous Brandboxx ramps. So nothing stands in the way of the final set-up.

9) Ready for the talk

The construction in the lecture hall has now been completed. The presentation and lighting technology is in place, the screen has been aligned with the participants and the seating arrangement was also completed on time. Ready to go!

10) Gala technology

Change of scene to the upper floor: A dignified gala dinner is to take place here in a few hours. The engineering company is currently busy with all preparations for the smooth running of this part of the evening.

Networking at the Brandboxx bar tables11) The first customers arrive

The presentation area is now opening its doors. The organizer welcomes the first customers and immediately informs them about exciting new products at the comfortable Brandboxx bar tables.

12) Trial period

The countdown is on, the main part of the evening is getting closer and closer. The artists for the evening gala have now arrived and are rehearsing the process on the stage. Last technical improvements can be made on this occasion.

the lecture can start13) The lecture

Now the second part of the evening begins. The presentation is already in full swing in the lecture hall. The participants follow the explanations with great interest. Technically everything works fine.

14) End with a gala dinner

As a grand finale, 250 invited guests round off the evening with an exclusive gala dinner. You will enjoy the exquisite event catering and the show acts that will take place on the large Brandboxx stage.

You too can benefit from the excellent organization and optimal framework conditions in the Event location Brandboxx benefit. It is best to secure your event date with one today inquiry .

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