Making of: an event from start to finish, part 1

4. October 2021

What is actually behind a successfully carried out event? From planning to the starting shot, many steps have to be taken in order to get a successful event off the ground. Today we will take you behind the scenes and show you in the first part of our two-part series how the Brandboxx team will turn your event on day X into reality. In this particular case, it is a combination of a lecture, product presentation and gala dinner.

Event briefing with the technicians1) Morning briefing

Before starting work, the in-house technical team is briefed on the day ahead. Every single detail is discussed in detail, thus laying the foundation for a successful event.

2) Installation work

So that everything runs smoothly, the basis has to be right. If there is no power at the crucial moment, it can get really annoying. In the first step, all cables and electrical connections are laid.

3) The stage

A speaker’s platform is required for the lecture. This is set up and then clad in a visually appealing way in order to optimally adapt to the occasion and the planned layout of the room.

Construction of the presentation stage4) Presentation preparation

The lecture hall is now taking shape. There should be space for more than 100 invited participants. Armchairs are delivered, set up and arranged for you. The basis for the evening presentation is now in place.

5) Change of scene to event technology

While the presentation area is slowly but surely getting ready for use, the first floor is where the hall is being prepared for the exclusive gala dinner. The Brandboxx team is already setting up the event technology.

Preparations for the gala dinner6) The right ambience

About 250 guests are expected for the gala dinner. For them, the ambience has to be perfect. The tables are set in white, the chairs covered with covers. Stylish white place settings skilfully round off the noble overall impression.

7) Exhibitors arrive

Meanwhile, people are busy working on the ground floor. Several product presentations will take place here later. The first small tables are already ready when the exhibitors arrive and prepare for their assignment.

In the second part you will soon find out which final precautions will ensure that the planned event can go smoothly. If you want to learn more about the Event location Brandboxx or would like to make an appointment right away, we look forward to hearing from you inquiry .

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