Hot fashion trends in spring 2021

4. October 2021
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Slowly but surely, spring is knocking on the door and with it the hope for better, healthier times with warmer temperatures. Now is the perfect season to treat yourself to something fresh and to start fresh, and of course that also applies to your own wardrobe. In the past year, mainly presented virtually and carried out into the world, the hottest fashion trends for spring 2021 will finally land in stores and online shops. But which highlights can you look forward to?

coziness cheers

Long weeks and months in the home office literally led to casual wear and loungewear. The sweatpants could also be used outside of your own four walls fashionable fixed point establish. While she was somewhat reluctant in winter, not least due to the temperature, she is now returning in a modified form. Big fashion labels like Boss and Armani are bringing the leisure style into the elegant limelight and giving fashion for spring 2021 a casual, yet stylish coat of paint – elegance in different lengths. There is also a tendency towards volume with puffed sleeves and paperbag pants. The point here is not to hide the silhouette, but to create a kind of in-between fashion that blurs the gender lines and reinterprets the bridge between business and casual with its subtle retro charm.

Less AND more

Should you dress a little warmer now, in case clouds slide in front of the sun, or should you be optimistic about looks that are almost early summer? The spring-like fashion trends for women in 2021 cannot – and do not want to – really decide and simply take everything with them. In addition to the already mentioned trend towards baggy and pouf, the trench coat is returning to the catwalk, as in previous years. Deconstructed interpretations with denim embellishments or XL versions are trendy and fit perfectly into the ranks of trendy oversized styles. But there is also another way, as the extremely airy tendency to cut-outs on tops and dresses as well as string details on skirts and trousers shows. Also at the start are bralettes and sports bras, either combined with blazers for an office look or as a layer over shirts and tops. Similar airy mesh fabrics skilfully round off the show-ready fashion trends for spring 2021.

Which colors are fashionable in spring 2021?

But watch out, one important point is still missing. Should the outfit shine brightly this season or should it be discreet? Do you believe that? Pantone colors of the year 2021 – this time two tones were actually selected – both apply, because the powerful yellow shade Illuminating and the calming Ultimate Gray represent obvious opposites, which complement each other perfectly and thus provide exciting options for outfit individuality. Luminous shades of orange, powerful blue and a touch of pastel on the one hand, plus classic natural colors on the other – everything is sunshine and quiet. Another important trend color in spring is pink in a delicate version, named “Pirouette” by Pantone and described as “subtly ethereal” – again a sympathetic addition to the natural classics. Also popular: pattern mixes, extremely colorful, enriched with prints and flowers. It can be unusual.

While the fashion trends for spring 2021 are already available, the future can already be seen today at the Brandboxx B2B trade fair dates. Outlook for the next season and the season after that are on the agenda at the upcoming specialist events. in the Calendar of events you will find an outlook for the next B2B trade fair. The Brandboxx team will be happy to support you with more ask .

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