Hassia shoes: the Brandboxx tenant story

4. October 2021
HASSIA showroom in the Brandboxx

Jürgen Bauer (Hassia Showroom) in conversation with Katharina Absmanner (Head of Shoe Messe Center, Head of Shoe Trade Fairs Brandboxx)

Brandboxx currently has 225 permanent tenants with over 600 brands presented in the showrooms of the Sports & Fashion Center and the Shoe Messe Center. They appreciate the ideal infrastructure and the customizable presentation area as a means of direct customer contact. As part of the tenant stories, we will introduce selected showroom tenants in more detail. It starts with the traditional company Hassia Shoes, which recently received a major international award.

About Hassia shoes

The roots of the Hassia company go back to 1884. The Wallerstein & Liebmann shoe factory quickly established an excellent reputation as a driving force in innovation, which is still fostered to this day. The name “Hassia Premium Comfort” is no coincidence, because the combination of a stylish, elegant look and pleasant wearing comfort thanks to removable Vario footbeds meet even the highest demands.

Silver Shoe 2017

Hassia Shoes was recently awarded the Silver Shoe 2017 at the “Buy & Bloom” trade fair in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. This award attests to the brand’s high product quality and innovative spirit and at the same time emphasizes the constant intelligent evolution of the Hassia collection in connection with excellent customer service. For Patrick Lorenz, Managing Director of Lorenz and Hassia Shoe Group, this award was confirmation of the company’s path.

HASSIA showroom in the Brandboxx

Jürgen Bauer (Hassia Showroom) in conversation with Katharina Absmanner (Head of Shoe Messe Center, Head of Shoe Trade Fairs Brandboxx)

An interview with Jürgen Bauer

Hassia shoes is without a doubt one of the Brandboxx showroom success stories. We asked Jürgen Bauer for an interview:

What made you decide to rent a showroom from us in the Brandboxx?

As an Austrian manufacturer, we naturally want to be particularly present with our brand in Austria. That is why the permanent presentation in the Brandboxx is very important to us.

What can you say about the Hassia brand and how satisfied are you with its development?

The Hassia brand filled a very important niche in the fashion shoe sector and offers fits in fullness with a removable footbed. Personally, I am very satisfied with the development of the brand. Hassia is indispensable for all fit-oriented shoe retailers.

What can you tell us about the current trends for spring / summer 2018?

Sneaker types are extremely important and are booming at Hassia. The Barcelona model is particularly successful.

You can find the Hassia brand in our Shoe Messe Center, 2nd floor / A339. If you are also interested in our showrooms or would like to find out more about the fixed tenants, we look forward to hearing from you inquiry .

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