Gray and yellow: the colors of 2021

4. October 2021
Yellow lights
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Calm and sovereignty in times of uncertainty: Last year, Pantone wanted to calm down with its color of the year. Classic Blue started 2020 with great self-confidence, the result is well known – no stone was left unturned, lockdown and home office became key words for a time that was anything but pleasant, to put it halfway politely. The Pantone color 2021 therefore becomes a double dose. With combined forces, the colors of the year 2021 try to nourish heart and soul with hope and resilience in order to emerge stronger from a difficult time.

Two shades convey inner strength

That all sounds refreshingly optimistic, but what colors are we talking about? PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating are set to convey the positive message of inner strength in 2021. The solid gray and the radiant shade of yellow are both practical and robust, but also warming and confident. For Pantone, this color combination stands for wisdom, intelligence and experience. It is intended to promote new concepts and ways of thinking and is aimed at the very own need to be perceived. Urgently needed stability, which was completely lost in the last year, meets groundbreaking optimism and searches for the proverbial silver lining, but remains firmly anchored with both feet on the ground – an inspiring, encouraging message for a hopefully better future.

Color palette for spring / summer 2021

In addition to the classic look at the colors of 2021, Pantone again analyzed the palettes and combinations that should determine the design, interior design and fashion world in the coming months. Instead, they took a look at the big fashion weeks and fashion shows around the world, which of course wasn’t that easy in the end. Nevertheless, a preview of the most attractive, hippest fashion tones in spring and summer 2021 should not be missing. Both New York and London strove for hope, originality and the search for a common denominator. Tones that are consciously wearable throughout the season mix pleasant poles of calm with rousing energy. These include:

  • Classic colors for grounding (Inkwell Black, Buttercream Créme, Desert Mist Brown and, of course, Ultimate Gray)
  • Bright glow (Illuminating, the golden orange marigold and the intense French blue)
  • Delicate natural tones (pirouette as subtle pink, green ash as cool ash leaves and the pensive aquamarine beach glass)

These and other colors of the year 2021 will soon adorn the online shops and hopefully also the shop windows of the country. What the fashion world will conjure up on the fashion floor in the seasons after next will be shown in compliance strict security measures held Brandboxx trade fair days. The Calendar of events . You’re welcome contact the Brandboxx team for accreditation requests.

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