Brandboxx Salzburg


For your and our health and safety, we ask you to observe the following during your visit to the trade fair:

  • FFP2 mask obligation during the stay in and on the Brandboxx site (except at the seat).

  • Observe hygiene: Follow the hygiene rules regarding sneezing, coughing and hand washing.
  • Avoid touching, e.g.  B. Shaking hands or hugs.
  • If you show signs of illness that could indicate an infection with the corona virus, make sure you stay at home!

                                                                                                                                                                                 As of January 17, 2022

The organizer only accepts postal items for exhibitors during the official set-up time, trade fair time and dismantling time.
Mail is only accepted under the exclusion of liability for the organizer.
If you receive mail directly at the trade fair, we ask you, for organizational reasons, to notify the information in the Brandboxx.

Please make sure that the address is given in full:

Event name
Hall / stand
Moosfeldstrasse 1
A-5101 Bergheim near Salzburg

Exhibitors / visitors / press can register online on the respective trade fair website 2-3 months before the event. This will save you any waiting times when visiting the trade fair.
Please just follow the registration link on the respective trade fair page.

On our website you will find information for exhibitors, visitors or the press on the website of the respective trade fair event. You can get there via the main menu in the trade fair section.

Telephone inquiries and information can be obtained from the central hotline +43 662 4687 100.

On the Brandboxx website you have various options to search for trade fair dates:
You can find all events in the trade fairs section. The next two events are listed in the main menu area. With a click on “Event” you will get the respective brief information.

Information on all Brandboxx Salzburg event dates can be obtained from the central hotline +43 662 4687 100.

You can find detailed information on this at https://www.brandboxx.at/de/die-brandboxx/anreise/

In any case, the Brandboxx Salzburg traffic control system will guide you to the corresponding parking facilities at the individual events.


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