Child-friendly wardrobe in 7 steps

4. October 2021
Child-friendly wardrobe

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Well organized is half the battle, you are probably already familiar with this motto from your own wardrobe . Regular sorting and sorting as well as seasonal alignment provide a valuable overview, which saves valuable time, especially in the morning. Incidentally, this also applies to your youngest children. A child-friendly wardrobe needs to be tailored to the needs of young and old. How do you best do that? With these 7 steps you can create welcome order!

  1. All out!

In the beginning there was chaos. The current transitional cupboard, the “children’s compartment” in the parents’ cupboard or the common clothing store for all siblings is threatened with bursting at the seams, not to mention a lack of overview. Therefore, the first thing to do is to clear out the entire closet and prepare a system of organization.

  1. What is left, what can be gone?

Children grow incredibly fast, and felt out of their clothes much faster. Of course, this shouldn’t waste any important space. To start with, try a three-stack system per clothing group:

  • Anything that still fits is put back in the closet (more on that in a moment).
  • Anything that no longer fits and is full of holes or heavily worn away is sorted out.
  • What no longer fits, but is still in good condition, can be kept – for possible siblings, to pass on to friends, maybe also as a clothing donation. It is best to keep this clothing in large, clear, labeled boxes.
  1. Plan your wardrobe properly

How a child-friendly wardrobe can and should actually look depends equally on you and your child or children. Ask yourself the following questions when planning:

  • Can / should my child dress himself or do I put the outfit together?
  • Which clothing groups should my child have access to, which ones are kept “out of reach”?
  • Is the wardrobe intended for one or more children?
  • How big is the age difference between the children?
  • How much space do I have?
  • What needs to be put in the closet?
  1. The everyday area

Ideally, a child-friendly wardrobe is divided into three sectors. The first area is dedicated to everyday clothing. If your child can and would like to dress themselves, keep them at an appropriately accessible height – ideally in several drawers, divided into different categories for underwear, pants / skirts and tops.

  1. Hooks and bars

Clothes rails with matching clothes hooks should also not be missing in child-friendly wardrobes. This is where you keep things that should not be easily accessible and have to be hung up – jackets, coats, nice clothes, communion suits. Ideally, the clothes rails are height-adjustable, depending on the age group.

  1. Additional storage options

Do you have a little more space available? Great, then it’s best to keep clothes that are out of season or that are (still) too big in the closet. It is best to use areas that are inaccessible to children to avoid a mess. Transparent, labeled boxes are valuable helpers.

  1. The right lettering

Would you like your child to dress themselves and / or keep their closet tidy? With the right labeling, you are actively helping: Ideally, provide drawers and compartments with text and images to show where shirts and socks should be stored. Funny pictures make it fun to put things together.

Now you have enough space again to fill the child-friendly wardrobe and keep it tidy. By the way, trade visitors can find out what comes in at Brandboxx trade fairs, such as the JOT junior fashion . You will find an overview of current and upcoming dates here .

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