Brandboxx tip: shoe fashion in spring / summer 2018

4. October 2021
Summer shoe fashion 2018


Finally nice weather, finally over with snow and mud: this year, spring was a long time coming and with it the fashion change to friendlier, lighter styles. With a view to the coming summer, some trends are already emerging on the foot. The shoe fashion in spring / summer 2018 scores with variety between casual classic, unusual eccentricity and natural charm.

Spring with HARTJES

Austria’s largest family-owned shoe manufacturer producing in this country is again setting the tone for you this year. Current spring trends for shoe lovers put expressive robustness alongside charmingly feminine notes. In the casual area, Norwegian flair is currently dominating. Subtle natural tones and a touch of knit take you to the far north. Rocky boots, on the other hand, complete every biker look. Wear them casually and yet robustly through the chic everyday life with unmistakable coolness. If it can be a touch more opulent and romantic, the charm of the Renaissance line with floral patterns comes into play.

Eccentric surprises

Who actually says that it always has to be classic and subtle? A look at the shoe trends for spring / summer 2018 shows the slightly more eccentric, unusual side on delicate feet. Christopher Kane’s Crocs may be remembered from last year. A fresh kick spruces up the classic. At Prada, on the other hand, they rely on the rockabilly pump, the coolness of which can hardly be dismissed. What is unusual, however, is the new trend towards fur in summer – of course only imitations. The hairy slipper puts a hot sole on the parquet, but remains pleasantly cool and not only refreshes the fashion world in a decidedly unorthodox yet stylish way.

Booties and boots

Shoe fashion in spring / summer


The new shoe season is also very exciting above the ankle. The 2018 lace-up bootie is making an interesting comeback. Small platform soles, bright shoelaces and fine details are currently daring to jump from the catwalk into the shops. Between the sporty version and the lace design with a glitter look, there is something for every taste. A leftover from winter is now getting a kick of freshness: luxury cowboy boots score with bright colors and deep cuts for the necessary air supply on warm days. The trend towards plastic, on the other hand, is much more unusual. Only the tip and heel remain of the classic boot, the rest becomes transparent. The see-through look is now also finding its way into the foot. High heels also venture over the ankle. The mesh structure flirts with the aforementioned trend towards lace-up, but the airy mesh offers even more breathability in urban heat.

While the extremely varied spring / summer 2018 shoe fashion is currently making its way into the shops, the Brandboxx trade fairs are already thinking ahead and will soon be presenting trends for the next season and the season after that. A look at the Calendar of events shows the next dates, Requests are already being accepted.

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