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4. October 2021

BMM Sports Showroom in the BrandboxxFor over 60 years, BMM SPORTS has been collecting know-how, developing products and strengthening its name on the domestic and international market. BMM SPORTS has established itself as a loyal partner of many large national and international brands and companies since it was founded. Direct and personal contact with customers, short distances and fast service are important to BMM SPORTS! For 10 years as the company name BMM SPORTS and for almost as long as a fixed tenant in the Brandboxx showrooms, BMM SPORTS has exhibited a number of well-known brands such as Briko, Dahu and IceBug Shoes Austria. In the Brandboxx tenant story you can find out more about the company and you can also win the latest winter running shoe innovation from IceBug!

BMM SPORTS and its brand diversity

Dunlop, Carlton and Tyrolia are just a few of the renowned brands that BMM gave a well-deserved Austrian stage. The Linz-based company stands for sporty, active diversity in clothing, equipment and accessories, and values the Brandboxx showrooms as a valuable hotspot because, as Key Account Manager Mark Gschwendtner puts it in a nutshell, â € œEverything that has rank and name in the field of sport, “ meets. BMM SPORTS currently presents and sells the following brands:

  • Roces:
    The world market leader for inline and ice skates combines performance with dynamism and elegance. Ski and ice skating shoes are particularly popular.
  • Briko:
    The Italian ski, Nordic and cycling legends have been equipping for over 30 years. Helmets, glasses and cycling clothing focus on maximum safety and performance.
  • Bidi Badu:
    A little different and a little crazy: Bidi Badu brings a certain portion of magic and hocus-pocus on and next to the tennis court.
  • High peak:
    High-quality camping equipment at affordable prices – sounds impossible, but the strong outdoor brand High Peak makes it possible!
  • Dahu:
    As the founder of a completely new ski boot system, Dahu is still an important alpine outfitter with unbroken precision. On the 106. ÖSFA winter the company presents the completely new development of the ski boot – look forward to the fixed date for trade visitors from February 12 to 14, 2019!

IceBug shoes Austria at BMM

BMM Sports Showroom in the Brandboxx SalzburgIn 2001 an exciting idea began in Gothenburg, Sweden: What if you could make running shoes winterproof? Non-slip outsoles, slip-on soles and spikes put a stop to slippery areas, and IceBug was born. Since then, the company has been developing solutions for sport and everyday life, for runners, trail runners and winter hikers. One of these developments is called:

IceBug BUGrip®


  • perfect grip for winter runs
  • Worldwide unique, patented spike function: automatic retraction on hard ground, automatic retraction on snow and ice
  • ideal for every surface
  • great for mountain and forest runners
  • also available as winter and safety shoes
  • ideal for older people walking on ice and snow
  • the best stop at the shoe market

BUGrip® is the name of the IceBug traction technology for particularly slippery applications. The sole is provided with a special rubber compound and 15-19 steel studs that react dynamically to different surface hardness and body weight. If the sole comes into contact with a hard surface, the studs move inside the rubber and offer an unchanged feel. Only a faint click indicates that the slip protection is involved. If you walk on a muddy or slippery surface, the studs exert dynamic pressure on the ground, this pressure adheres to the surface and gives the foot support without slipping. Thus, the BUGrip® soles work on a wide variety of surfaces and provide a perfect grip. There are hardly any signs of wear, if at all: The tip of the spikes is made of tungsten carbide, a material that is 25 times as hard as steel and almost as robust as diamond.

The most popular shoe for the transitional period is the IceBug Oribi 3 RB9X

  • extremely non-slip sole
  • extremely high abrasion resistance
  • specially developed for wet ground, whether stone, wet roots in the forest … perfect grip for autumn and winter runs
  • ideal for every surface
  • great for mountain and forest runners
  • the best stop at the shoe market

Independent test results have shown that the RB9X® is in a league of its own when it comes to grip on both wet and dry surfaces. The RB9X® rubber outperforms the competition on both dry and wet surfaces. At the same time, the rubber sole made of Rubber 9 Extreme is in no way inferior to asphalt running shoes in terms of durability. That means unbeatable and reliable grip on slippery surfaces.

Win the IceBug Oribi 3 RB9x!

Would you like to enjoy this unique autumn and winter running experience? BMM SPORTS, IceBug Shoes Austria and Brandboxx Salzburg are giving away the Oribi 3 RB9x in the size of your choice. You can find out how to participate on the Brandboxx Facebook page.

Visit BMM SPORTS with IceBug shoes Austria and other top brands in the Sports & Fashion Center, 3rd floor / B30, or at one of the upcoming trade fairs. The Brandboxx team is happy to take your inquiry opposite.

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