7 tips for keeping your wardrobe tidy

4. October 2021

Finally, the new fashion season is upon us! But … where to put all the great new clothes? The wardrobe is already bursting at the seams, we don’t even want to talk about order and clarity. Now is the time to clean up a bit and bring the system into chaos. How does that work? Where should I start? Don’t worry, with these 7 tips for keeping your closet tidy, space problems will soon be a thing of the past.

  1. Out with the old

Sometimes you have to be brave and be able to part with something. Which clothes have you not worn in the last few years? Do you still like that? Will that ever fit again? Get rid of old pieces and make space for new ones.

  1. The right system

Sure, that may sound a bit narrow-minded, but a clear, systematic line can definitely help. Type, size, color – create a system for yourself and align the entire cabinet accordingly. If available, you can leave a little space between individual pieces and system areas – great for a better overview.

  1. Create a hierarchy

Far too often, especially with tall cupboards, the following applies: Out of sight, out of mind. Use higher areas especially for things that you rarely wear and store your favorite items at eye level. This saves unnecessary searches.

  1. Sort by season

If the summer dress is hanging next to the winter jacket, then something is going really wrong. This gives you an unnecessarily large amount of storage space that you may need for other items. Pack clothes that are not currently in season, ideally in transparent boxes – put them in a dry storage space!

  1. Cardboard boxes and inserts

Small parts and accessories take up space if they are incorrectly stored. Drawer inserts create order, an overview and more space for other parts. Belts, scarves and jewelry are well stored in stores. If there is enough space, you can pack shoes in cardboard boxes and store them in the closet – dust-free and ready for use with one hand.

  1. Helpers and accomplices

Cabinets, drawers and inserts now get even more reinforcement! Rotary modules, pull-out shelves and modules create an additional overview. Pull-out clothes rails should also not be missing.

  1. Fabric on hangers

Sure, coat hangers are essential wardrobe companions, but they can also be annoying. The piece slips far too easily from the smooth hanger when looking for it or removing it. It doesn’t have to be: Attach fabric samples made of suede, suede or velvet to the top of the temple for a secure hold.

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