commercial order in Salzburg

Preview of the upcoming Brandboxx order days

Everything that has a reputation in the Austrian fashion world can be found regularly in the Brandboxx on one of the many order days in Salzburg and takes a look into the future. Whether fashion, traditional costumes, sportswear, shoes, children’s fashion, swimwear, lingerie or accessories, all this and much more can be found here and in the showrooms of the Sports & Fashion Center and the Shoe Order Center.

Austria’s order and fashion competence center

Brandboxx Salzburg has long been known far beyond regional borders. Around 20 order dates make the location a competence center for fashion in Austria. The specialist audience can already see today what will be worn tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The most important Brandboxx fields include:

Salzburg fashion fair

All fashion in the Brandboxx: Here you can find out today what will be trendy tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The fashion order days take an exclusive look at upcoming trends. Whether festive and elegant or casual and casual – you will see it first at a national & international trade fair in the fashion order center!


The Brandboxx sports orders in Salzburg deal with the active leisure sector. In the sporty order center in Salzburg everything revolves around fashionable and functional items for indoor and outdoor areas as well as suitable equipment and accessories.


Proper footwear completes an outfit. At the shoe ordering days in Salzburg, you can expect inspiring views of the future of fashion, from casual charm to stylish eye-catchers.


Who says fashion is only for adults? At the children’s order days in Salzburg, everything revolves around kids and teens. The focus here is on style, functionality and comfort.


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