Attractive hiking routes in Flachgau

Hiking trails in Flachgau

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The first signs of early summer make you dream of outdoor swimming pools, beach holidays and barbecues. Now is the perfect time to conquer the alpine pastures and mountains of the region. Lace up hiking boots, pack provisions, conjure up hiking sticks and off you go! On shoemaker’s pony it goes over mountains and valleys, through the middle of the freshly blooming nature, towards the next hut or rest station. Do you already know the numerous attractive hiking routes in Flachgau? The Brandboxx team has summarized three special highlights for you.

Voggenberg round

At the village square of Bergheim, not far from the Brandboxx, one of the most scenic hiking routes in the Flachgau begins. It’s a little over 13 kilometers around the Voggenberg. The route is quite demanding and offers quite a few small challenges, even if the altitude difference is limited. Along the Fischach it goes to Lengfelden and finally on to Voggenberg. The area is completely uninhabited in places, so that you are alone with yourself, your thoughts and the diverse nature. After about two and a half hours, you finally head back along Voggenberger Straße to the center of Bergheim, where various cafes and inns strengthen tired bones with vital food.

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Around the Mattsee

Hiking at Mattsee in Flachgau

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Some of the most beautiful hiking tours in the country are at home in the Salzburg Lake District. The same goes for the hiking trail around the Mattsee, a relatively leisurely stroll over 13 relaxed kilometers with a barely noticeable gradient. In about three hours it goes clockwise around the lake. The tour starts at the parking lot of the local lido. From there, the hike on the footpath and bike path initially leads towards Upper Austria, a short distance through the forest and around a small nature reserve. In summer, the Gebertsham lido is the perfect place for a short break and cooling off in the lake. Then it goes on to the branch church with a great view over the whole of Mattsee, before a forest path, several streams and the Weyerallee lead back to the starting point. Small restaurants and cafes welcome hungry hikers along the promenade.

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Through the Glasenbachklamm

Some of the numerous hiking routes in Flachgau even lead to the state capital. The gorge of the same name with a geological educational trail is located in the Glasenbach district. At the gates of the city you literally step into another world. Several display boards lead through this gorge walk; taking a walk is a bit of an understatement. Along the Klausenbach it goes almost continuously uphill, in places even quite steep. After the Marterl and a bridge, forest and meadow paths lead past various farms. The Alpengasthof Fageralm is a great place to rest before the last stretch leads uphill through the forest to the Erentruidsalm, including a huge city panorama. The last section of this approximately three and a half hour hiking route in Flachgau over 9.8 kilometers leads downhill through the forest to the hamlet of Gfalls and finally back to the starting point at the entrance to the gorge.

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These and other hiking routes in Flachgau show how exciting and edifying hiking can be in Salzburger Land. With the right equipment, popular outdoor sport is even more fun. Trade visitors dedicate themselves to the Brandboxx sporting trade fairs. Here you get to know the fashionable hiking companions, rucksacks and hiking pieces today. The Calendar of events tells you the next dates. in the Sports & Fashion Center the hottest hiking brands meet. Curious? We would be happy to help you with more ask quickly and competently.

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